Soundproof acoustic solution we take immense pride in being India’s leading manufacturer of Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), offering you unparalleled soundproofing solutions that redefine acoustic excellence.

where serenity fills every corner, and where you experience a profound sense of calmness. With Soundproof acoustic solution’s cutting-edge Mass Loaded Vinyl, this vision becomes your reality. Our MLV are meticulously engineered to provide you with the perfect sanctuary – free from the distractions of the outside world.

Sound barrier MLV: mass loaded vinyl is a super high density vinyl membrane produced to isolate and block low, medium and high frequencies. Sound barrier MLV is easy to install on floors, walls and ceilings because of its flexible nature used as a primary layer for sound isolation in hotels, nightclubs, Cineplex and buildings. Sound barrier in combination of a sound absorber like sound insulation
pad provides full soundproofing. Sound barrier installs on any hard with nails and adhesives. produced in continuous machinery thus comes in rolls of 30×4 ft. (120sqft) / 1×10 Meter (12 Sq. m.) with a straightness < 20 mm/10 mm the high density membrane starts from low thicknesses like 3mm and goes up to 12mm. Sound barrier highly durable, water resistant, fire retardant and maintenance free


  • Isolates sound at a low thickness saving a lot of area.
  • Multi functional barrier for walls, floor and ceiling.
  • Reduce not just sound but also vibrations.
  • Water and termite resistant’s for renovating spaces.
  • Primary layer of soundproofing can be concealed and covered with walls, carpets, POP etc.
  • Soundb blocking up-to 65 Db in high thickness.


  • Residence – To avoid furniture movement and foot step vibrations
  • Hotels and shopping complex , discotheques, night clubs and bars , studios, Cineplex’s, home theatres, gym & auditorium walls and floors, offices and commercial spaces
  • Wall inside a shopping mall
  • Smart Classes and School

Application Area




STC Test at Diffrent Frequencies

Table 1 and figure 2: Values and plot for sound transmission loss Soundproof Acoustic Solution 
  Soundbarrier mass loaded vinyl of 2100 kg/m3 and 8 mm thickness at one third octave frequencies

Soundbarrier mass loaded vinyl blocks high frequency sounds very easily and works great with low
 low frequency sound as we

Wall Section

Installation Technique

Soundbarrier Mass Loaded Vinyl can be easily mounted on any surface using screws, nails and synthetic rubber adhesives.  


sound barrier  can  be  cut  into manage  able pieces 1×1 meter to apply them easily on walls direct they are also cut as per the in    sulation framework to fit in side the GInetwork in high   soundproofing areas.

Note ; The gaps between the mlv piecesshould be avoided by over lapping them and covering them withduct tapes.


Sound barrier MLV comes in roll form be easily spread on floor

 hassle free property allow sit to turn and fold at steps and elevations. Use just adhesive


It is advised to use the Sound barrier MLV on the concrete 

 ceiling and not on any kind of suspension system due to its

Heavy weight  similar to cover 100% ceiling area, add 

mass  and blockall sound

Mass Loaded Vinyl MLV

Mass Loaded Vinyl membrane which installs on any surface (Wall, Floor & Ceiling) for noise blocking Up to 65 Decibels frequencies and Up to 5000Hz at lower and medium frequencies.

 the density is 2100kg/m3  to 5000Kg/m3 and weight is 65kg. to 165Kg This density is highest available in the industry.

one roll wall covering area approx. 120 sq.ft.roll size 10 meter width 4 feet thickness 3mm/ 5mm/ 8mm/ 12mm quantity in roll 10 Sq. Ft. /meter one roll wall covering area 120 sq. ft.

This Types of Soundproofing Has Effective Result